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  • Letter To A Senator
    Dear Senator, Have you or someone close to you (friend, family member etc.) ever suffered mental and emotional distress as a result of a life-threatening, debilitating, chronic diagnosis, condition and/or illness? How comfortable are you with the reality of death and the process/stages of dying? Would you feel emotional ease and a deep sense ofContinue reading “Letter To A Senator”
  • Latest in Psilocybin Right-To-Try Effort
    Bookmark this post for the latest news on the legal effort to secure psilocybin therapeutic use under State and Federal Right to Try (RTT) laws. Below are links to RTT facts and Acts (laws), legal briefs that have been filed in court, oral court arguments, the original press release that went out, and links toContinue reading “Latest in Psilocybin Right-To-Try Effort”
  • “May the Spores Be With You”
    The case for terminally ill patients to exercise legal rights protected under existing Right To Try (RTT) laws continues to make strides. To help folks stay up to date with this advocacy effort, you are invited to visit (again and again) my News page for the latest interviews, articles and podcasts. Opening access to psilocybinContinue reading ““May the Spores Be With You””
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