Latest in Psilocybin Right-To-Try Effort

Bookmark this post for the latest news on the legal effort to secure psilocybin therapeutic use under State and Federal Right to Try (RTT) laws. Below are links to RTT facts and Acts (laws), legal briefs that have been filed in court, oral court arguments, the original press release that went out, and links to various news stories that have appeared. This post will be updated as new stories come online.

We have a great opportunity here to help advance this very needed therapeutic modality in contemporary hospice and palliative care.

AIMS Institute

Right-To-Try Facts & Acts

Facts About Right to Try
FDA RTT Fact Sheet
Washington State RTT Rev. Code 69.77
US Congress RTT Act

Filed Court Briefs

You are invited to read the briefs filed in US Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit by petitioners and amici (allies), that provide further details of the arguments set forth in support of this first-of-its-kind case under Right-To-Try legislation.

Petitioners Opening Brief
State’s and DC’s Amici Brief
Cato Institute’s & Goldwater Institute’s Brief of Amici Curiae
ACLU of Washington’s Amici Brief
End of Life Washington, et. al. Amici Brief
Law Professors’ and Bioethicists’ Amici Brief
Petitioner’s Reply Brief

Oral arguments of the case were submitted before a three-judge-panel on September 2, 2021 in the US Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals.


Scientific American: Two Cancer Patients Battle To Make Psilocybin Accessible for Palliative Care

Podcast: My MBC Life: Three-part Series on Psilocybin Assisted Therapy

S04 E15: Healing Our Distress: The Potential of Psilocybin-assisted Therapy

My MBC Life: S04 E16: Psilocybin-assisted Therapy: Patient Experiences

My MBC Life: S04 E17: Psilocybin-assisted Therapy: One Patient vs. the DEA

DoubleBlind Mag: Seattle Decriminalizes Possession and Cultivation of Psychedelics

Law 360: DEA Letter On Psychedelics Is Agency Action, 9th Circ. Hears

Marijuana Moment: Washington Officials Join Cancer Patients In Federal Court Argument Pushing DEA To Allow Psilocybin Access

Rolling Stone: Can Psychedelics Help Make Dying Easier?

Maps of the Mind: Living in Peace: Cancer Patients Extralegally Seeking Psilocybin-Assisted Psychotherapy Amid DEA Lawsuit

Podcast-6 Months or Less Episode 20: Open to More Awe: Suing the DEA for Access to Psilocybin

JD Supra: Psychedelics As Medicine: Right To Try Case Versus DEA

Marijuana Moment: 8 States Side With Cancer Patients In Psilocybin Lawsuit Against DEA

Inverse: Psilocybin: For the terminally ill, mushroom legality may come too late

Emerge Law Group: Opening Access to Psiloycybin Therapy for Seriously Ill Patients: The Petitioners Opening Brief in AIMS et al v DEA

Psychedelic Science Review: Psilocybin and the Will to Live

Emerge Law Group: Right to Try

Marijuana Moment: Researchers Slam Drug War At Federally Hosted Psychedelics Event

New York Times: There Is a Lot of Fungus Among Us

Seattle Times: Magic mushrooms for Washington patients? New push aims to speed psilocybin to those who are dying.

Podcast-End of Life University (EOLU): Ep. 295 Psilocybin Therapy at End of Life: The Legal Case with Kathryn Tucker, JD
Learn about the legal effort to make psilocybin available as a transformative therapy at the end of life.

Press Release: Nation’s First Legal Challenge to Allow Psilocybin Therapy in End-Of-Life Care Under “Right-To-Try” Laws Moves Forward

Oregon Public Broadcasting: Physicians ask DEA to rethink ban of psilocybin

Clinician, Patients Take the Fight for Psilocybin To Court

Why Dying Patients Are Suing for Access to Magic Mushrooms

Podcast-Mushroom Revival: Suing the DEA for Access to Psilocybin

Thank you for having an open mind and keeping an open heart. ~ Erinn

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